• GRIVEL - MASTER PRO [Summer 2013]

    A single device for belaying the leader, one or two seconding climbers and for rappelling. Extra friction ‘V’ slots add more control and smoothness during maneuvers. When belaying seconds, can be used as an assisted speed control belay Can also be used as an ascender

  • GRIVEL - PLUME [Summer 2013]

    All our slings and quickdraws are made of Dyneema. We sew them in Italy, using new hi-tech programmable bar-tacking machines. We can therefore guarantee the quality of the job and reduce the risk of human error. We use Dyneema as a logical consequence of the attention we give to the minimum weight of our carabiners: a super light carabiner requires a super light sling!

  • GRIVEL - ROTOR [Summer 2013]

    A small carabiner with swivel attachment for minimizing rope tangles. Rotor offers a maximum resistance of 780kg and must never be used instead of a normal carabiner when climbing or belaying. 54 grs 1,9 ozs Technical features

  • GRIVEL - HAUL PACK [Summer 2013]

    This simple and effective idea combines an efficient rucksacks with an useful haul bag Made in heavy duty tarpaulin and strong tough Cordura nylon Foldable Waistband and shoulder straps are easily foldable for lift up. Volume: 25 liters Weight: 1450g - 51,1oz Technical features


    Designed for alpine, rock, and ice climbing, Outer shell in ABS protecting against penetration, inner layer in shock absorbing polystyrene foam. One size 54/62 that can be regulated to fit once the helmet is on. Extremely efficient air circulation. Weight 385 grms - 13.58 ozs