• KONG - VICTOR [ summer 2013 ]

    New multiuse harness for mountaineering with wide padded belt and leg loops the ensure at the same time the maximum comfort of use and great breathability. Adjustable leg loops and belt with quick buckles. 4 wide gear loops.

  • KONG - KOSMOS [ summer 2013 ]

    Multisport helmet approved for 3 sports (climbing, skiing, bike / skate), with attractive design, available in two colors (CARBON black and CARBON white). Equipped with removable earmuff and balaclava (sold separately) in order to suit your needs and make it warm and comfortable even in cold temperatures. Sizes: M (53-58 cm), XL (58-62 cm)

  • KONG - GENIUS [ summer 2013 ]

    Resistant carriage and hauling bag, fitted with large reinforced loops for suspension. The comfortable and foldaway shoulder straps avoid any entanglement during lowering and recovery operations. The oblique cut of the upper part allows to keep the bag open through the special hanging eyelet.

  • KONG - KKL [ summer 2013 ]

    Klettersteig set with 20 mm width elastic arms made with tubular webbing with inner not stitched elastic tape. Equipped with ergonomic TANGO alu alloy connectors with double gate safety system.

  • KONG - PANIC [ summer 2013 ]

    A little help to catch the most distant anchor points… PANIC is fitted with: a tubular webbing length 30 cm with an inner flexible bar that allows to obtain the required bent a special connector equipped with an ingenious system that keeps open the gate until it comes into contact with the bolt

  • KONG - FULL [ summer 2013 ]

    Innovative three holes rigging plate certified EN 795:2012/A for 5 people, it can also be used as a brake for rapelling with single or double ropes. It is a very useful device for rescue operations, the natural choice for mountain experts. It allows a cleaner belay point avoiding tricky and cumbersome chains of carabiners and plates.