Ski Touring-Race Team founded by Mountain Attack and La Sportiva

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The Italian Mountainware Brand La Sportiva is the lead sponsor of the newly founded ski touring-race team called “La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team”. La Sportiva equips the 21 men squad with skis, boots and apparel. The team consists of professionals and rookies. Their first race will be the prestigious Mountain Attack in Austria. The official team fitting at the company’s headquarter of La Sportiva in Ziano die Fiemme took place end of October.

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For several years the organizer of the Mountain Attack, NMC manager and sport scientist Roland Kurz, wanted to create his own Mountain Attack race- and promotion team. Finally the project will come true by the beginning of the season 2013/14. Together with the sport scientist Gerald Bauer he worked on putting the team together.

Roland Kurz:We considered carefully, who will fit best in our team. We wanted athletes, who are really fast and can win races, but that are also team players and committed to the ski touring sport. Now we have a great team. The atmosphere is awesome and they train together quiet often. They learn from each other and they enjoy it.

Gerald Bauer is coach at the Olympic Center in Salzburg Rif since 4 years and cares about the support of ski mountaineers. He has a lot of experience, especially with things like performance tests and training schedules – things the team can benefit from. A specific test on a treadmill that can be adjusted up to an ascent of 24 degrees delivers the necessary data for a perfect and individual training and planning of competitions.

Gerald Bauer: “The character of the La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team is unique. I don’t know any Austrian ski touring team with more potential and I’m excited to help the team with my experiences. We will form a perfect environment for the athletes and we will be available for an intensive marketing of the ski touring sport.

The concept is not only to win many competitions. The team should also be the ambassador for the whole ski touring sport, the Mountain Attack and the sponsors. The team will also be used for Promotion.

The team has been equiped with the best skimountaineering technical items available in La Sportiva collection: the italian brand provided skiboots (the KarbonKevlar Stratos Cube and Spitfire), skis and apparel for a total look squad that will be very visible on the snow!
„The Mountain Attack Team will represents the La Sportiva brand in Austria and his goal will be not only to win races but also to help growing the movement of the skimountaineering in the next years on the alpine arch“ – says Lorenzo Delladio, CEO of La Sportiva„that’s why we joined Mr Roland Kurz in this project, giving consistency and continuity to the sponsoring agreement that La Sportiva has also with the Mountain Attack event.“


The team consists of 21 athletes including 10 professionals. NMC is planning to increase the number by the following years to about 30. They are looking for young and talented athletes and also the proportion of females should become higher, but established top athletes are welcome too, if they fit in the team.

Aschbacher Daniel, Bauer Christina, Bauer Gerald (Sportlicher Leiter), Chesneau Julien, Eichholzer Johann, Glomser Gerrit , Hofmann Verena, Höllbacher Lukas, Jank Andreas, Kastinger Michael, Klaus Tom, Kogler Stefan, Kurz Maximilian, Kurz Roland (Team Manager), Lienbacher Martin, Linseder Stefan, Pointner Alexander, Riedlsperger Thomas, Steiner Johann, Wallmann Robert, Zwinger Bernd.