Winter 2014.15

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OCCAM’S RAZOR SkiLogik <br />Winter 2014.15

Occam’s Razor is a frontside carving machine featuring SkiLogik’s Race Room construction that provides the ultimate in technical, performance-based ski making.

The torsional rigidity, power, and stability of SkiLogik’s Race Room combine in an 11.5 meter radius so you can lay down high angle carves on any surface from bulletproof to soft pack. The profile on Occam’s Razor is engineered to allow the skier to weight-load through a sustained high energy carve without any disruption of edge penetration.

This is the ski to get if you’re looking to hang out on the edge.

  • 162cm – 132mm – 76mm – 113mm – 11.5m – 3560g
  • 172cm – 136mm – 76mm – 114mm – 11.5m – 3980g