Winter 2015.16

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SKI UNDERWEAR M1Mico <br />Winter 2015.16

The M1 ALBERTO TOMBA men’s and women’s line was created with skiers in mind and is made up of technical shirt, underpants and socks. Together with its R&D laboratory, Mico Sport chose Dryarn to manufacture them, the world’s lightest microfibre, an exceptional element that can offer highly performing garments. Breathable, thermoregulating and bacteriostatic, the exceptional element Dryarn can make a difference in terms of comfort and wearability.

  • “HARMONIC RIBS” Area, to ensure that the fabric fits perfectly against the skin, a property for perfect breathability, and to guarantee a soft and comfortable fit even during intense movement.
  • “MAXIMUM PROTECTION” Area, to create maximum heat insulation on the surface of the body most exposed to the cold and most sensitive to sudden temperature changes. The very tight weave does not however compromise freedom of movement and comfort.
  • “HIGH DEFORMABILITY” Area, studied to ensure that the fabric fits as snuggly as possible to the skin, even in the more critical areas that are moved to differing extents and in different directions when practising sport. Thanks to its special accordian structure, the fabric is always in contact with the skin, preventing the formation of air pockets.
  • “MICRO RIBS” Area, especially made to weave together different parts of fabric or for particularly uneven anatomical areas. The ribbed structure is able perfectly to permeate every part of the body, even those subject to significant rubbing.
  • “Sagomata” Area, made according to body mapping, thus avoiding areas with overlapping layers of fabric.
  • “MIX ZONE” Area to ensure both breathability and heat retention.
  • “MAXIMUM TRANSPIRATION” Area, studied to ensure maximum ventilation and freedom of movement.
  • “DOUBLE STRUCTURE” Area, studied to ensure the utmost protection against external rubbing from shoulder straps and/or skis carried over the shoulders. Moreover, the “pumped” structure improves heat retention.
  • Seams made with 4-needle flatlock stitching for greater comfort.
  • Extremely comfortable cuff that fits perfectly against the body without pressing on the skin.
  • “CALIBRATE PERSPIRATION” Area, ideal to transfer sweat to the outside of the garment in a calibrated way where the skin sweats the most, i.e. on the sternum and middle-lower back area. However, the special weave of the fabric does not expose these parts of the body to the external cold, from which the body is especially sheilded.
  • “ADD PROTECTION” Area, made with a more compact tight weave to ensure comfort and improved protection of critical areas.