SKILOGIK – HOWITZER [summer 2013]

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SKILOGIK – HOWITZER [summer 2013]

The Howitzer combines our very best big ski technology in a 110 mm waist shell that has won performance awards.

Rocker Logik geometry kills crud yet provides a conventional effective edge for turning performance and features proportionately less surface area behind the boot for deeper pow.

Double layers of carbon fiber keep the weight down for quickness and skinning. Positive camber keeps it simple and versatile. The Howitzer is a stable ride that blasts the back bowls and the backcountry, tearing off vert like a missile.

Camber Hybrid
Core Wood
Technology & Features

  • Clear Iron Wood Coating
  • Wood Veneer Inlay
  • Vekto 8
  • Black Locust Sidewalls
  • Hardwood Core
  • High Carbon German Steel Edges
  • Vulcanized Rubber
  • Black Magik Base